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GWT 3.0

Ionut Penciuc 1 year ago • updated by Colin Alworth 12 months ago 18

I would propose a better communication strategy for the GWT Steering Committee.
No news in the last year (at least) related to GWT 3.0. I'm a big fan of GWT but it looks more and more death to me and I would be very sad if I must switch to other technology.

We just need a high level overview over the current GWT 3.0 progress in order to know its status. From my point of view at least some basic info would be enough.


What about elemntal and j2cl, will there be any news?!

Ahmad Bawaneh 1 year ago • updated by gwtcon 1 year ago 3

Is there any updates around elemental and j2cl?!

gwtcon 1 year ago

Hi, I'm sorry you cannot be at #GWTcon2017 and we will try to publish the video asap.

In any case, as last year, there will be a live twitter channel during the meeting; use #GWTcon2017 as hashtag and be part of the meeting, ask for slides, ask for news ... we will be there to answer and to share as much news as we can ;-)


GWT build tool for the future

saso.petrovic 1 year ago • updated by Colin Alworth 1 year ago 1

With the emphasis on replacing GWT generator with APT which build tool is better suited for a GWT project? Performance and compliance wise. Maven, Gradel? 

Which plugins work best with Eclipse environment? Why is the Maven Mojo plugin still used in a majority of projects? 


If GWT-RPC will not be part of GWT 3 then what should we use today instead of it ?

Relja Pcela 1 year ago • updated by Colin Alworth 1 year ago 7

Is there any solution that is future proof today or at least recommended to switch (that does not use Generators or that have a plan to replace it with APT) that can replace GWT-RPC in functionality (to be as fast and easy to serialize any complex model e.g. JPA classes with lists/sets/maps of other objects that have lists/sets/maps of some other objects..., any primitive or complex type like BigDecimal)?


Generators vs APT

Seamus McMorrow 1 year ago • updated by Colin Alworth 1 year ago 6

The GWT team are always saying don't use gwt generators anymore and try remove as much as possible the GWT.create calls through the code.

Are there any libraries out there, that make use of APT for localisation, templating, css resources, restygwt alternative, etc?


How will GWT win back its community ?

David Nouls 1 year ago • updated by Dr. Lofi Dewanto 1 year ago 9

I’ve been using GWT since the start. Comming from a AWT/SWING background it was really groundbraking easy to pick up. There was a lot of entousiasme from developers since most frameworks were really bad in those days.

But a lot has happened since then. I’ve been waiting for the next GWT for years now. I’m currently being forced to move to Angular just because we can’t find any skilled GWT developers for our next project.

And that is, I believe, the biggest problem of GWT right now. The community is gone. We can’t find people with GWT skills and most are not interested in learning it because it has become an obscure toolkit for people who do not want to switch to JavaScript/TypeScript. 

I believe in the advantages of GWT and I still hope that GWT 3.0 becomes a reality... but time is running out very quickly. I know I have lost the battle in my company, I’m currently writing a document that describes how we will be salvaging some custom GWT components and reuse it in Angular applications.

So it is time that the GWT maintainers start realizing that they need to start selling their product much better and communicate clearly. Because we are waiting already 2 years for some clear indication on where this product is going. Nobody knows, and that is a hard sell if you need to develop software now. But once our product is under development we can’t switch back to GWT. 


What have you done with JsInterop that you can share?

Colin Alworth 1 year ago • updated by Rafat Al-Barouki 1 year ago 3

A lot of people have given JsInterop a try recently. What have you created with it that the community might be interested in hearing about?


What is the future of GWT?

dimi11 1 year ago • updated by Ahmad Bawaneh 1 year ago 1

It looks like nothing is happening with GWT for a while.

On the other hand this JS community exploded with frameworks and technologies appearing every day. 

I know a lot of companies who disconnected GWT as a technology of choice and skipped to things such as: Typescript, React, etc. 


How to promote GWT technology successfully?

Marcin Szałomski 1 year ago • updated by Dr. Lofi Dewanto 1 year ago 3

How to tell people that this is not the same GWT as in the past. How to convince them (even Java people). How to successfully promote GWT in Angular/React/Vue world? 

How to make GWT Community growing?


GWT UiBinder

Diogo Alexandre 1 year ago • updated 1 year ago 4

The future of UiBinder is currently in discussion and it seems to divide the community. 

UiBinder makes development very clean, the code gets well organized and it becomes easy to dynamically manage elements in the UI. It makes it possible to focus on design (XML/HTML and CSS), easily add widgets and it does a great job in separating the UI design from the logic.

If UiBinder would disappear, how would Widgets or code segments interact with the HTML? Would it be as easy as it is now with UiBinder?