GWT UiBinder

Diogo Alexandre 2 years ago • updated 1 year ago 4

The future of UiBinder is currently in discussion and it seems to divide the community. 

UiBinder makes development very clean, the code gets well organized and it becomes easy to dynamically manage elements in the UI. It makes it possible to focus on design (XML/HTML and CSS), easily add widgets and it does a great job in separating the UI design from the logic.

If UiBinder would disappear, how would Widgets or code segments interact with the HTML? Would it be as easy as it is now with UiBinder?


I am with the UiBinder, i love it, yet i am ready if its gone, there is actually more one replacement that are focused on HTML templates. for this you can check Errai UI http://erraiframework.org/getting-started/index.html#ErraiUIPage

but i personally prefer another alternative which is elemento https://github.com/hal/elemento

i prefer elemento because its a lightweight and focused and it provide a Builder API, here is a sample i implemented using elemento and vaading-gwt-polymer-elements that uses HTMLTemplates without any UiBinders


Thank you for the references. That looks promising... let's see what GWT goes for.

(Don't just stand on the sidelines Diogo, help us decide what GWT goes for! "GWT" is its community, and needs your help and advice!)

That's exactly why I am commenting on these topics, asking questions and posting new ideas.