What about elemntal and j2cl, will there be any news?!

Ahmad Bawaneh 2 years ago • updated by gwtcon 1 year ago 3

Is there any updates around elemental and j2cl?!



If you've checked the agenda recently, the keynote has been updated:

Keynote: GWT3 and J2CL

By The J2CL Working Group

We'll tell you more at the conference, but the answer to the original question is yes, there will be news!


As someone who will not be able to make it to Florence this Thursday - Is there any chance to get access to those news sooner than in a few months when the videos will be published? And if yes, where how and when?


Hi, I'm sorry you cannot be at #GWTcon2017 and we will try to publish the video asap.

In any case, as last year, there will be a live twitter channel during the meeting; use #GWTcon2017 as hashtag and be part of the meeting, ask for slides, ask for news ... we will be there to answer and to share as much news as we can ;-)